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Substation Automation & Commissioning

Our services include:

  • Substation automation systems design and optimization,
  • Procurement services, programming and engineering in control and protection systems
  • Testing and commissioning

Our team provides these services in the fields of transmission and distribution substations, connection of substations for renewable energy providers, as well as industrial applications.

Design and consulting

Our Design and Consulting Team specializes in preliminary and detailed electrical design using state of the art software tools. Our engineers provide services for a wide range of Installations and Processes including Power Plants, Renewable energy Industrial Installations and Petrochemical Processes, including:

  • Full spectrum of electrical Studies and simulations for industrial and power generation installations.
  • Electrical and civil engineering studies in complete conformance with IPTO specifications and requirements
  • Detailed Plant Engineering for Medium and High Voltage Installations both for AIS and GIS Substations.
  • Grid code compliance studies
  • Grid connection studies
  • Technical Consulting Services (design verification, independent due diligence)
  • Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis on electrical installations
  • Project Management

Construction and Supervision

MGK Technical Services has specialized Engineers to supervise the construction process. We provide a wide range of construction and site management services for EPC projects with specialists in the following fields:

  • Construction managers/supervisors
  • Quality surveyors
  • HSE field engineers
  • Welding Inspectors
  • Materials managers
  • Discipline engineers
  • Administration support services

Our scope is to provide our customers with an excellent client/contractor interfacing. Moreover, we investigate and advise on technical issues that can arise during the construction phase of a project.

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